SADI & SHARE - our flagship technologies

Our laboratory is primarily interested in the application of semantics - in particular, Semantic Web technologies - to the entire scientific process, including scientific discourse, hypothesis-building, experimentation, data retrieval & integration, data analysis, results visualization, publication, and peer-review.

Our flagship technologies are SADI and SHARE:

SADI - Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration

SADI: Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration is a set of standards-compliant design practices for publishing Semantic Web Services. Our intention with SADI was to make service provision as simple as possible by eliminating all special protocols and message scaffolds, resulting in Web Services that consume and produce raw data through simple HTTP POST.

SHARE: Semantic Health and Research Environment is a SPARQL query engine that maps query clauses on to SADI services capable of retrieving/creating the data relevant to that part of the query, and chaining these together into a data retrieval and analysis workflow. Effectively, SHARE dynamically builds the database required to answer whatever query it is given.